About Us

The child's self esteem is our first priority at Burnaby Lakeview Preschool.

Every child is born with a pattern for greatness. Our role as a school is to enable that power by creating an environment of respect and trust, that does not hinder the child, but allows them to succeed and builds their confidence.

Our Preschool Features:

  • A certified, highly trained staff;
  • A small student-teacher ratio with no more than 20 children and two adults per class;
  • We are a Licensed Non Profit Society;
  • We are wheelchair accessible.


A School With Heart

"My son Oly registered at Lakeview Preschool after one of the toughest years of my life. A first time mom to a challenging boy, I was feeling lost, unsupported and warn out. Oly had all kinds of quirks. He was anxious, stubborn, over emotional and extremely inflexible. I was terrified about him integrating into a school environment and was afraid his little quirks would get worse if he felt judged or excluded from the other children.

Barb (preschool director) reassured me and together we began preparing cohesive strategies to get Oly where he needed to be, comfortable, confident and more flexible.

Barb, Elisa and Annie have become cheerleaders, confidants and friends to me and to my beautiful boy. This school is filled with so much heart and these three women will help nurture your child's utmost potential.

Not only is Oly more flexible and happy, his compassion, love and confidence are intact. It's because of Lakeview that that my boy stands a little taller."

Meg Gifford

What An Amazing Preschool

"What an amazing adventure for our children. The preschool has the most caring and nurturing atmosphere, that has an excellent combination of fun and learning activities. The Teachers, the parents and the children all relate well to one another that create a carefree warm place to come"

S. G.

"The Burnaby Lakeview Preschool is the best. Both of my children attended and had a fantastic experience. The teachers are engaging and super supportive. The centre has everything you could ever look for as well as Therapy Dogs. The Burnaby Lakeview Preschool will love your kids and allow them to express themselves as individuals. It's the only place to go."

Lynne Mossey

"The teachers at Burnaby Lakeview Preschool are wonderful. My little one enjoys playing with his friends while at the school. He also loves to sing and sometimes might be loudest one singing. : )"

Amanda Morgan

"Thank you for providing us with such a great first schooling experience, Burnaby Lakeview Preschool! As parents, we could not be more grateful than to be able to find such a wonderful preschool for our child. Since the first day of school, there was not a single day my son would fuss to go to school. It was a very welcoming and nurturing environment. His days were filled with lots of activities and fond memories of him sharing time with his teachers and friends.

We could not say enough good things about the teachers who are very caring, passionate and knowledgeable. We could not have asked for more and what we felt was most beneficial were life skills he picked up from the school. An example would be caring for the dogs at the school. Not only were they perfect "classmates", they gave the children an opportunity to share responsibilities of caring for something as well as the patience and compassion to love, nurture and respect other living things around us. We will definitely miss this lovely place, the teachers, and the children."

Brad F.

"We love love love Burnaby Lakeview Preschool. Ms Barb is so caring and calming and fun, my daughter really enjoyed both years at the school. And what a special graduation they put on for the 4 year olds! Looking forward to coming back with the smaller one."

Melissa Bajic