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Employee List

Barbara: Director

Barbara began as Director of Burnaby Lakeview Preschool in July 1995. She has her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has earned her Certification as a College Instructor teaching Early Childhood Education courses, conducting practicum supervision and facilitating parenting workshops.

Elisa: Assistant Supervisor

Elisa holds her ECE certificate as well as her first Aid. She has been in the Early Childhood field since 2008. She is also a qualified Children's yoga Instructor.

Annie: Special Education Assistant Supervisor

Annie received her ECE Certificate in 2001. She also holds her Montessori Teaching certificate as well as a TEFL Certificate. Annie is certified in First Aid and Child Safe.

Meghan and Pups Meghan: Volunteer

Full Circle

This is Meghan's second year working as a volunteer. Meghan has been attending college and will be going into nursing school. She was a preschooler here at Burnaby Lakeview Preschool and was in Miss Barb’s class.

Meghan as a preschooler

Meghan as a preschooler.

Jasper and Sophie

Kayla and a friend

Sophie & Jasper: Canine Assistants

Sophie and Jasper, are our “preschool dogs”. They are well trained, patient and friendly Dachshunds. Most of their time is spent sleeping in the office, coming out for supervised visits, and the occasional walks to the park.

Studies have shown many positive benefits for children establishing relationships with dogs and for some children it can be very therapeutic.

Jasper and Yousuf     Molly

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