Service List

We provide individual programs geared to Three and Four and Five year olds. These programs are tailored to the specific developmental stages of children.

Regular Mornings Sessions 8:45-11:45AM
Enhanced morning session 8:00AM Start

2 Days: Tues/Thurs, $190/month (3 Hours)
Enhanced time, 8:00AM $240/month

3 Days: Mon/Wed/Friday, $260/month (3 Hours)
Enhanced time, 8:00AM ($335/month)

5 Days: Mon-Friday, $450/month (3 Hours)
Enhanced time, 8:00AM ($550/month

Afternoons 12:45-3:15PM

2 Days: Tues/Thurs, $170/month (2.5 Hours)

3 Days: Mon/Wed/Friday, $220/month (2.5 Hours)

5 Days: Mon-Friday, $380/month (2.5 Hours)

*Reduced Fees for additional siblings in the same school year.

Prices are subject to change

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